Standard forms

Standard forms which may be required for travel insurance and vehicle insurance matters.

Please refer to the Staff Travel/Student Travel Section of the webpage for a further guide on how to make a claim.

All claims must be directed to AIG helplines and make the claim 

Claim Forms (only if advised by AIG to claim via the Insurance Office at Keele)

Vehicle disposal

If the vehicle is to be sold or disposed of (scrapped):- 

  • You must always inform the DVLA
  • You must always inform Alan Slater – Accounts Payable & Insurance Office for removal of the vehicle from the policy

Do not allow the road tax to expire whilst we still own the vehicle - the DVLA will impose fines for untaxed vehicles.

Destroying the vehicle

The vehicle must be destroyed in accordance with the DVLA and the ENVIRONMENT AGENCY'S "ELV" (End of Life Vehicle Directive). The DVLA have an approved list of licensed facilities for accepting waste vehicles known as ATF’s (Authorised Treatment Facilities). Vehicles must be taken to an approved facility who will issue a Certificate of Destruction.