Information for Staff

Petty Cash:

Petty Cash Procedures (PDF)


Petty cash summary sheet (PDF)

Application for a permanent cash float (PDF)

Application for a temporary cash float (PDF)

Authorised signatories for petty cash (PDF)

Income Office Deposit Voucher Income Deposit Form ‎ (PDF) - [To obtain an electronic copy of this please email: Lisa Bridge.

Gas and Electricity Meter readings - printable version (PDF) form to be returned at the end of each month

Gas and electricity comparisons Jan2013 (PDF) Cost comparison January 2013

Plantation Park Water Charges (PDF)‌

Staff Housing Utility Charges (PDF)‌

Deductions from salary Monthly accounts letter - Printable Form (PDF)


Procedure for raising sales invoices v4 - 2019

Request for Credit Note / Cancellation

EU Sales Invoicing - Guidance Notes (PDF)

Credit Checking - New Customer Accounts (PDF)   


Raising Sales Invoices when working from Home:

Guidance on Issuing Sales Invoices when Homeworking (Word)

Keele Sales Invoice Template (Excel)

If you need to install Microsoft Office on your Home PC/laptop then you can do so free of charge. Please contact IT Services for more details.