Film Studies Programme Outline And Module Information 2017-2018

The below links outline the courses that make up the Keele Undergraduate Film Studies degrees. For further information on teaching and assessment, navigate via the hyper-linked module codes

Please be aware the modules shown are an indicative list which could change.

Single Honours Film Studies 2017-18

Single Honours Film with Creative Writing 2017-18

Dual Honours Film Studies 2017-18


Film and Film with Creative Writing Programme Handbook

Information on University policies, programme information and student welfare can be found in the Programme Handbook available for download here:

Film and Film with Creative Writing Programme Handbook 2017/18 

Students can also find a copy of this on the Film Noticeboard on the KLE. 


Choosing Your Electives

During the summer you are expected to choose your electives.  The Electives Office will notify you when it is time to do so.  The below slides are designed to assist you in the module selction process.

Choosing Level 4 (Year 1) Electives

Choosing Level 5 & 6 (Year 2 & 3) Electives 


Graduate Attributes for Film Studies

Development and Employability Information for Film Students