FAQs for the ‘Faith at Keele’

Can I use the Chapel even though I am not a Christian?

Yes! Although clearly a Christian church (run by a partnership of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed churches) the Chapel is a place provided for the whole university community. Free tea and coffee are provided in the Chapel kitchen.

Is there a space where I can pray, meditate or be quiet on my own?

The East Chapel (at the far right end of the corridor of the Chapel as you walk in either door) is kept as far as possible as a quiet space for individual prayer or reflection.  All are welcome to use the area, whether or not you are a Christian.  

Within the East Chapel you will also find The Space, which is free from any religious imagery or symbols, for individual use.


Is there somewhere I can light a candle when I pray?

Also in the East Chapel is the Roman Catholic apse (rounded bit!), where there’s a candle stand. You can leave a donation if you wish.

How do I access the Islamic Centre?

Access to the Centre is obtained via registered Keele Card. To register your card, please click here

Where can I get Kosher/Halal food on campus?

Keele does not provide guaranteed Kosher or Halal food.

The nearest Kosher supermarkets are in Manchester, but do look at labels on foods in local supermarkets as UK labelling laws are pretty good for providing ingredients and sometimes preparation methods.

The situation is similar for Halal foods, although Pak Foods in Stoke is a very good source.

Who can I talk to about faith issues?

Whether you’re exploring faith for the first time and not sure of your direction, have worries/questions/problems with spirituality and religion, or are looking for a worship community in your tradition, the Chaplains are available to people of all faiths and none. If they cannot resolve it directly to your satisfaction, they will signpost to others who will be able to help further.

My faith doesn’t have a student group, how can I start one?

Visit the Students' Union and speak to the sabbatical officers, who have information packs to give you.

Or if you don’t want an official society you can simply meet friends and likeminded people, and still be able to book rooms for this purpose.

Where can my faith meet?

There are various spaces you can book: 

 - In the Chapel - email chaplaincy@keele.ac.uk
 - In Chancellor’s Building - go to Reception
 - The social spaces in Halls - contact the accommodation managers