Packages and prices

We offer preferential packages and charges which are applicable to Keele University events and conferencing activity. Every enquiry is different and unique so we ask you to speak to a member of the team for charges and event space recommendations based on your individual needs.

If the event is being paid for by University budget, then a straightforward cost only model will be applied to your event. There will be no profit element. Costs* will be passed on for room set up, food and beverage plus any materials or services required that incur an external cost.

If you have external funds coming in through ticket sales/CPD fees, funding or sponsorship, you will be charged a ‘cost plus’ model which has a small ‘ethical’ profit margin included.

If the event is being paid for by an external organisation, we will charge ‘market value’, however, if the event is associated with the University, we will ensure that the very best rates are made available.

To determine which cost model will be most appropriate for your event, we will need you to complete an event concept proposal.

Even if you need some advice or if you just want to scope out the possibilities, please get in touch.

Please contact the Keele University events team on or call 34600.

*Costs include staffing, equipment, transport, food and drink, and energy