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Keele University is committed to making a difference in society by providing innovative, high quality education for students from all backgrounds and by supporting our staff to undertake world-leading research that benefits society, communities and individuals.

We remain true to Keele’s founding ethos of ‘the pursuit of truth in the company of friends’ by retaining the unique characteristics of our campus community, providing an inclusive and supportive environment in which to live, work and study. The Keele Communities Together Working Group, Chaired by the Pro Vice-Chancellor Education and Student Support, is made up of representatives from across the University and students’ unions. It aims to ensure that Keele continues to be a stimulating and inspirational learning community with a rich and diverse social and cultural life, committed to the safeguarding of freedom of expression and tolerant of diverse views and beliefs, balanced alongside the promotion of good relations on campus, tackling intolerance and operating within the existing legal framework.

The Group oversees the Keele Communities Events Calendar which provides information on key religious and other festivals, events and celebrations at Keele, reflecting our diverse and inclusive community.

Stonewall BAME LGBT Voices Documentary Screening followed by Q&A with the documentary participants - 13 February 2019

  • New series of short films showcases experiences of being BAME and LGBT
  • Films highlight importance of diverse representations of LGBT communities
  • Documentary produced and directed by Cherish Oteka and featuring a member of our own Keele Staff and resident community Fiorella Montero Diaz

Stonewall, the UK’s leading charity for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, has launched the ‘BAME LGBT Voices Documentary’.  This ground-breaking series of short videos explores and celebrates the diverse experiences of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) LGBT people. The documentary features a range of BAME LGBT identities and covers a variety of themes including religion, gender, mental health, visibility and intersectionality.

Following the showing of the documentary, guests were treated to a Q&A session, chaired by Dr Fiorella Montero Diaz, Lecturer in Music at Keele University with Revered Jide Macaulay, Founding Pastor of House of Rainbow CIC (also featured in the documentary) and Stonewall Empowerment Officer Rhys Purtill.

Fiorella, Rhys and Revd Jide   

Fiorella, Rhys and Revd Jide

The Stonewall BAME Voices Documentary and Q&A panel session can be viewed below:


Keele LGBTI role models panel discussion - 13 February 2019

Guests were invited to attend a panel chaired and formed by members of the LGBTI Keele community to discuss the Importance of LGBTI visibility and of role models at universities and in Keele.

PVC Shane O'Neill and panel members

PVC Shane O'Neill and panel members

Celebrating Keele: Annual Event

Thursday 22 March, 11am-2pm, Chancellor's Concourse and Art Gallery

Keele Communities Together is holding its second annual event, and all those who study, live and work on campus are invited to come along and find out more about the ways that University and Students’ Union services work to support the Keele Community.

A wide range of information stalls and displays to browse around. Stallholders include the Students’ Unions, Student Support Services including the Chaplaincy, Occupational Health, the Language Centre, Academic Development and Organisational Development teams.

Islamophobia Awareness Week: 16-20 April

Tuesday 17 April, 12.30pm (Munch, KeeleSU)
Lecture: 'Countering Anti Muslim-Hate & Islamophobia'
Abdullah Rehman MBE (TellMAMA)

Abdullah is an anti-hate activist who has worked tirelessly to stamp out hate in the West Midlands. He joins us to talk about how we can tackle Islamophobia in our community, as well as discussing some of the amazing work he has done in conjunction with TellMAMA.

Wednesday 18 April, 11am (Munch, KeeleSU)
'Walk a day in her shoes: Stories of hijab'
Rukia Bi (Muslim Chaplain) and the Islamic Society Sisters

Join us on Wednesday morning to find out everything you've wanted to know about the Muslim hijab (headscarf). Listen to the stories of Muslim women and ask questions about the hijab.

Then join us for a hijab tieing workshop! We welcome you to try on a hijab and, if you fancy, to keep it on your head for the day.

Thursday 19 April, 11am-3pm, Islamic Centre, Barnes Hall
Islamic Centre Open Day

All welcome!

All week:
Stalls will be held everyday in the library and SU. Come say hello - grab a badge, wristband and some sweets!

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