Rediscovering Class Consciousness in Contemporary Literature

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Posted on 17 September 2015
Between Ed Miliband’s squeezed middle and tabloid diatribes against the underclass, the working class has seemingly disappeared from critical discourse in literary and cultural studies.

Dr Beth Johnson and Dr Nick Bentley have co-organised a day conference, 'What Ever Happened to the Working Class? Rediscovering Class Consciousness in Contemporary Literature', at the Institute for English Studies (IES), Senate House London.

Issues of class, class consciousness, classlessness, and new configurations of class such as new affluent workers, the emergent service sector, and the precariat continue to form a rich source for novelists, poets and dramatists. This interdisciplinary and international conference aims to bring together researchers and academics working in the fields of the literature and culture of the working class.

To read more about the conference and look at the programme, follow the Twitter hastag #WClassconf or click here: