Dorothy Richardson Project launches online exhibition

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Dorothy Richardson portrait

Posted on 27 August 2015

The AHRC-funded Dorothy Richardson Project unveiled their new online exhibition today. The exhibition, which includes images of many of Richardson's letters that reveal her role in modernist networks, her thoughts on publishing her work, and even her sense of humour, has been curated by Dr Rebecca Bowler. In her introduction to the exhibition, Becky writes:

"Dorothy Richardson’s letters are full of details about her daily life, her struggles with her work, her politics, and her prolific reading. They are a window into her friendships, her business strategies, and her day to day life, and together they constitute a remarkable biographical document.

"The Dorothy Richardson Editions Project will be publishing Richardson’s collected letters in three volumes with OUP (as well as seven volumes of her fiction) but transcriptions can’t show the physicality of a letter, the beauty of handwriting, or the idiosyncrasies of thought revealed by mistakes or haste.

"This exhibition aims to show you the letters as they were originally written, and invites you to enjoy the ‘thingness’ of a letter-as-object."

To celebrate the occasion, Becky also published an article in the Times Higher Education titled 'Dorothy Richardson: The Forgotten Revolutionary'.