Dissent in the Neoliberal Era Symposium

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Posted on 09 May 2017

On 9 May 2017, Dr David McWilliam (English/Film Studies) organised the 'Dissent in the Neoliberal Era' symposium, showcasing the interdisciplinary work of the Keele 'Dissent Studies Research Group' that includes academics from across a wide range of disciplines who are investigating the ways in which the neoliberal era has seen a rise in disenfranchisement and the curtailing of individual and community rights in the face of corporate power. They were joined by keynote speaker, Professor Jeremy Gilbert (UEL), and other UK academics specialising in dissent studies. The symposium explored the extent to which dissent is both possible and effective in the current global economy that is dominated by neoliberal institutions and legislation. As the backlash against globalisation has been co-opted by neoliberal journalists and politicians in relation to immigration, 2017 marks an important moment to reflect on how academics, NGOs, charities, and policy makers respond to the ongoing economic and political crises we face.