1616: The Secrets and Passions of William Shakespeare

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Posted on 09 September 2015
Sick and dying in his Stratford home, Shakespeare locks himself in his room where, burdened with secrets and memories, he draws together the lost and broken threads of his enigmatic life.

‌As a special offer for Keele students, the newly refurbished Mitchell Arts Centre, Hanley, is offering free tickets to see 1616 at 7.30pm, Saturday 3 October which is part of the North Staffordshire ‘Live Age’ Festival. This will be followed by a Q&A session with acclaimed actor Gareth Somers and director Lucyna Hunter, and chaired by Jill Rezzano of the New Vic. Both the performance and the session afterwards would be great starting points for students interested in Shakespeare’s life and work, particularly for plays such as King Lear (a set text on the module ‘The Age of Shakespeare and Donne’) that address issues to do with age and power. Students are also welcome to attend a free workshop with Gareth at 2pm on the same day for a ‘Fooling, Play and Creativity Workshop’ - very useful if you are continuing to pursue your interests in performance and improvisation while at Keele.

If you would like to attend the performance and/or the Fooling workshop for free, please email Rebecca Yearling no later than 30 September: R.Yearling@keele.ac.uk

Flyer promotion material for the play 1616