The Electron Microscope Unit has facilities for several types of preparation, light microscopy, including laser scanning microscopy, and electron microscopy.


We can offer to prepare, or provide facilities for preparation, sections and samples for light or electron microscopy. This includes:

  • anatomy, histochemistry and immunocytochemistry for light and confocal microscopy
  • ultrastructure, negative staining, immunogold labelling and x-ray microanalysis for TEM
  • wet or dry sample preparation for SEM


We have facilities for:

  • bright field, phase and interference contrast imaging
  • immunofluorescence
  • confocal or two-photon imaging
  • conventional TEM
  • immunogold
  • X-ray microanalysis
  • high resolution FESEM
  • wet SEM

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Central Electron Microscope Unit
School of Life Sciences
Keele University

Professor Dave Furness
Director of the EM Unit
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Tel : 01782 733496

Simon Holborn
Email :
Tel : 01782 733484.