Welcome to International Students

All students whose first language is not English or who have been educated in a language other than English will be pre-allocated an English language module  (ENL-) as one of their elective module choices.  The precise module that you are allocated depends upon your year of study and your chosen degree. If your principal subject/s compulsory modules add up to the required 120 credits and there is no room in your programme for electives, you will be allocated an English Language module as an additional module. 

On arrival at Keele, part of the Induction Week will include an introduction to the  Language Centre and a brief language assessment.  The language assessment helps us know if academic language support would be helpful for you, right from the start.  Based on the results and in consultation with English Language Unit staff there are three possible outcomes: your ENL- elective enrolment may be confirmed, you may be allocated a different English Language module or you may be advised that you can replace it with another elective module of your choice.  Check eVision and your online timetable, available through the ‘Office’ tab of the KLE, for module details and meeting times.