Sustainability fund

The Sustainability Fund has been established to support sustainability projects in Schools/Directorates and promote innovation in sustainability throughout the Keele community.

There are three levels of funding available based on the size and reach of projects - Seed, Sapling, and Blossom.

Up to £200 will be available for implementing new projects and up to £500 will be available for developing existing sustainability projects. Funding applications can be for a smaller amount - remaining funding will continue to be allocated to other successful applications.

Staff Sustainability Representatives will be able to submit a funding application on behalf of their School/Directorate for consideration by the Sustainability Team. If your School/Directorate does not currently have a Staff Sustainability Representative and you would like to nominate yourself, or you are unsure who your representative is, email

All Schools/Directorates applying for a grant from the Sustainability Fund must complete and meet all criteria in the 2019-20 Sustainability Benchmark to be eligible. If your School/Directorate does not meet the Benchmark Criteria, allocated funding must be returned. Support, training and guidance is available from the Sustainability Team - get in touch to arrange a training session, for us to attend a committee meeting, or to meet for coffee so you can find out more.

All projects funded through the Sustainability Project Fund will be entered into the Innovation in Sustainability Awards to provide recognition and create case studies of the sustainability activity taking place within and beyond the University community.