What you can do

The only way Keele University will be able to achieve its goal of becoming truly Sustainable is to ensure that everyone that uses our campus or facilities is playing their part. To understand how you can contribute please see the Environmental Good Practice page for tips on how you can reduce your own environmental impact.

We also find that some of the best opportunities for improving our environmental sustainability come from our staff and students.  If you have a good idea please let us know by filling in the Google form located here. We aim to respond to all of the responses as soon as possible.


Keele University has joined a partnership to trial a new natural gas/hydrogen mix for homes and offices. The project is called HyDeploy. It will take advantage of Keele's unique position as a self-contained energy network and aims to demonstrate that blending up to 20% hydrogen into the natural gas supply can be delivered without distuption. The results of this project will help inform and influence future energy technology policy developments in the UK.

For more information go to www.hydeploy.co.uk