Fairtrade treasure hunt

Head out into the campus for our Fairtrade Treasure Hunt and you could win a free fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate or snack.

We've hidden a trail of caches around the campus (small red containers!) and each one contains a clue which will help you discover the next box. Follow the clues on a tour around the campus and if you reach the final cache, take a selfie with the box and bring it to the Refectory. If you're one of the first 20 people to complete the treasure hunt, you could win a tasty prize!

There are 8 boxes in total, with the majority hidden outside the buildings that you can identify from the previous clue. One is inside near the product the clue describes. Please take a photo of the clues to help you remember where to look, and leave the clues and the boxes behind for others to find.

The boxes also contain some facts about fairtrade to highlight the work of the fairtrade foundation and how the scheme benefits communities that produce goods. Fairtrade goods you could look out for include bananas, coffee, chocolate, tea, roses, gold and cotton.

The first clue is:

'Find books in here and study 24 hours a day. Learn about fairtrade in the campus _________'.

Happy hunting!