Keele Food Coop expands into dried goods

The student-led service Think:Green has been successful in their bid for funding to expand the products currently offered by Keele Food Coop.

Keele Food Coop has been selling local, seasonal and organic fruit and veg bags for the past two years. The successful bid for funding from the NUS will provide £1000 for the student-led service to expand into selling dried goods.

By buying dried goods in bulk, students running the service aim to reduce packaging waste, offer value-for-money organic produce to students and staff, and inspire healthy eating through quality food. New produce will include pasta, rice, and grains, with profits invested back into the scheme to enable further expansion and to subsidise the cost of more expensive items.

Students involved with Keele Food Coop also learn valuable skills related to running the enterprise, including stock management, customer service, marketing and promotion of the service, and team working.

Fruit and veg bags can be ordered a week in advance from the reception in the Students Union to enable appropriate stock to be ordered and prevent waste (or disappointment!).

If you would like to find out more about Keele Food Coop, find them on Facebook or look out for the stall in the Forest of Light.