Teaching and learning strategy to 2020

Our teaching and learning strategy has five strategic aims.

Strategic aim 1: To provide transformative learning opportunities by:

  • Enabling students to develop best academic practice in their discipline
  • Facilitating students’ engagement with their studies
  • Using assessment to recognise and reward academic achievement
  • Enabling all students to achieve their potential

Strategic aim 2: To promote inspirational learning and teaching by:

  • Enhancing our students’ academic practice
  • Enhancing our research-connected teaching
  • Supporting creative teaching practice
  • Using educational technologies to support excellent learning and teaching
  • Involving students as partners in their learning

Strategic aim 3: To provide a supportive and inclusive learning community by:

Providing opportunities for intellectual discussion and debate in an interdisciplinary context
Providing a dynamic learning environment to support our diverse learning community
Provide opportunities for students to engage with broad-based and interdisciplinary approaches to education and research

Strategic aim 4: To develop students’ capabilities by:

  • Providing opportunities to build and develop students’ professional skills, attitudes and resilience
  • Enhancing our opportunities for employer engagement to enhance the employability of our students
  • Further develop the opportunities for employer engagement to enhance the employability of our students
  • Draw on and develop student digital capabilities

Strategic aim 5: To provide opportunities for students to learn beyond the curriculum by:

  • Providing opportunities for volunteering and other activities which develop interpersonal, professional and employability skills
  • Through our internationalisation strategy, providing opportunities for all our students to develop their multi-cultural awareness and become global citizens
  • Ensuring our students are informed about and engaged in the sustainability agenda both within and beyond their academic curriculum

For more information find the entire Learning and Teaching Strategy in our Policy Zone.