Keele Concerts: Orchestra for the Earth

The performance invites you to a unique musical journey situated underneath Luke Jerram’s stunning artwork, Gaia. this remarkable work is a mesmerising scale model of the Earth, and so the orchestra will play a trilogy of symphonies by Haydn that between them beautifully portray the Earth’s daily passage from dawn to dusk—hence their nicknames, which translate as ‘Morning’, ’Noon’, and ‘Evening’. Framed by a spine-tingling sunrise and a thrilling nocturnal storm, they feature a kaleidoscope of colours and pictures of life on Earth, evoked by virtuosic solos for every instrument in the orchestra, from flute to bassoon to double bass. The concert will also include a short conversation between John Warner, the orchestra’s conductor, Keele University staff and academics.

The audience are invited after the concert to visit the University’s Earth Observatory for a stunning view of the night sky which will be open from 9pm.

HAYDN: Symphony No. 6, ‘Le Matin'
HAYDN: Symphony No. 7, ‘Le Midi'
HAYDN: Symphony No. 8, ‘Le Soir'

Please note: 7pm start time

Tickets: Standard £16 | Students & under 16 FREE

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Keele University Chapel
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01782 734340

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