Exhibition Preview: Do you see another side to me?

Preview Evening

PREVIEW EVENING: 23 January | 5pm

Strathmore College

Strathmore College is an Independent Specialist College part of the Priory Group and based in the Stoke on Trent.  Learners 16 – 25 years attend the college to develop skills that will enable them to join the world of work and be more independent adults. Learning programmes are designed within four pathways - employment, independence, friends’ relationships and community and good health.  This exhibition shows the learners remarkable talents as they express themselves through the lens of the camera.

‘Look at me, what do you see can you see another side of me?’
Emphasise beautifully: behind every front cover is a story to tell.  From each person’s starting point is a story of development and a personal journey to success. This exhibition tells that story. Through many varied and dynamic activities, lives are changed.
‘Through our photography we want to capture the industrial, cultural and natural features of our city of Stoke-on-Trent.
Our beautiful local heritage park - Queens Park is captured skilfully.  Through our eyes we see amazing things - we do hope that you are able to share our work and take time to see for yourself.
Thank you.’


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