Black Cats Art Collective: Francis Bacon, Ezra Pound

The great artists Frida Kahlo, Ernest Hemingway, Ai Weiwei, Salvador Dali, Karl Lagerfield, David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe were all owned by their cats and so when choosing a name for the meet-ups Black Cats Art Collective was born. The Black Cats Art Collective engage critically and creatively with varied forms of visual art through a series of monthly workshops. The sessions are devised and led by Prea Kaur and Danielle Wallace, both postgraduates at Keele University.

Francis Bacon, Ezra Pound | Grief in Art and Imagist Poetry.
This workshop will discuss grief and how different mediums appropriate emotion and hurt into art. We begin with a session on Bacon’s art theory; we progress with Pound's Imagist poems and end with a flash poetry exercise.

FREE | All are welcome to attend!

Please reserve your space and either contact Prea or Danielle through email.


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