Keele Music Forum: Dr Kelcey Swain

Tarot cards were not originally used for their current occult function, but as playing cards. It is through the evocative imagery of each card that they have gained their esoteric purpose, which in turn enhanced the descriptions of each card as meaningful symbols. The Major Arcana (greater secrets), the 22 trump cards do not belong to any suit but are sometimes described as telling a journey through life. Each card has a distinctive image and carry a wealth of symbolism, regardless of whether you think they have a deeper power, or they are a nonsense game. This piece reinterprets the image of each card as sound and music lasting approximately three and a half minutes, lasting around 80 minutes in total. The “cards” will be played in the order in which they are drawn.


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Raven Mason Suite, Keele Hall
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01782 734340

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