Accommodation fees

Our fees are based on room type and occupancy period.  For information on how, when and where to pay your accommodation fees please see the Income Office website. Postgraduate accommodation is offered for 51 weeks.

Accommodation fees for 2018/19

37 weeks occupancy period is normally offered for all new 1st years, apart from Nursing & Midwifery who require 51 weeks.

For a description of the different room types at Keele please view our accommodation.

Room Type37 weeks43 weeks51 weeks

Standard Room without Washbasin in Traditional Block

Price Band A

Price Band B










Flat (shared between 4 students, each student has their own bedroom) £3522.40 £4093.60  £4855.20

Standard Room with Washbasin in Traditional Block

Price Band A

Price Band B










Premier Flat

- £6185.55 £7336.35
Premier En-suite £5602.17 - -
Barnes New Premier En-suite £5892.25 - -
Flat (single person) -  -

£7935.09 to £9037.20

Last updated January 2018. Prices may change due to rising inflation but never more than 5%. Once contracts are accepted, prices are fixed.

Band B accommodation has a higher ratio of students sharing the kitchens and bathrooms than band A.

All rooms include the Christmas and Easter vacation.

The fixed dates of occupancy for the 2018/19 terms are as follows:

37 weeks - this covers the whole of both semesters and Easter vacation:
Saturday 22nd September 2018 – Saturday 8th June 2019

43 weeks - arrive before the rush and stay until just after your graduation (not suitable for Freshers):
Saturday 15th September 2018 – Saturday 13th July 2019

51 weeks - ideal for postgraduate and Nursing & Midwifery students:
Saturday 22nd September 2018 – Saturday 14th September 2019