Holly Cross and The Oaks Accommodation Services Manager

Philip Brown ‌Philip Brown
Telephone: 01782 733732
E-mail: p.brown@keele.ac.uk

I look after the cleaning of your room and your Hall. Your bedrooms are cleaned once a fortnight by the domestic team; you can check the rota on the notice board for your cleaning day. Please make sure that you vacate your room whilst domestic staff carry out the cleaning duties and ensure that all belongings are picked up from the floor and that the desk is clear.

Any rubbish that you have in your room can be taken to the kitchen and placed in the bin; rubbish is removed from the kitchen areas daily. It would be helpful if the bags were not over full, extra bags can be obtained from your Domestic Assistant or Hall Steward. Please wrap any broken glass or china in newspaper and place at the side of the refuse bin to prevent injury to staff or fellow students.

The kitchens and diners are cleaned as per the rota displayed. Please make sure that all dishes are washed and stacked, wipe the hob and/or the microwave after you have used it.

Please keep all preparation areas clean for your fellow students to use and do not put food or grease into the sink as this causes a blockage.

Senior Supervisor: Marion Tideswell

Supervisors: Amy Bartley

Stewards: Sam

We are here to deal with any housekeeping issues, and work closely with the Residence Support Team and share all concerns over student problems whether it is a domestic, welfare or discipline issue.