Room Types

All rooms have bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, shelves and drawers.


Bedrooms in traditional University accommodation blocks.  These blocks have higher ratios sharing kitchens and bathrooms – for example between 8 and 24 students per kitchen and 8 - 10 per bathroom.  Consisting of bedroom without washbasin with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.  Available in Lindsay A and B blocks and suitable for those on a limited budget.


Bedrooms in traditional blocks with washbasins.  Shared bathrooms and kitchens with sharing ratios of between 14 and 25 students per kitchen and 7 - 16 per bathroom.  Available in Barnes A-F, Lindsay C, D, E, S &T blocks and suitable for those on a limited budget.

Classic Plus 

Bedrooms in traditional university accommodation blocks.  These have washbasins in bedrooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens with tables or breakfast bars.  Kitchens are shared between 6 and 23 students and 5 - 14 per bathroom. Available in Horwood A-S blocks and Lindsay Taylor House.

Shared Flats & Houses 

Rooms in flats or small houses with  kitchens and bathrooms shared between 4-8 students.  All have social areas within kitchens.  Available in Barnes G-V and Horwood T-Y and Z blocks.

En-suite Plus

Rooms in hotel style blocks, with 3/4 beds.  Kitchen/diners are shared between 8 students.  Available in Lindsay Court, Holly Cross & Oaks.

En-suite Superior 

Our newest accommodation comprises of bright, airy rooms with 3/4 or double beds, in cluster flats with large shared kitchen and own bathroom.  Kitchens are shared between 6-8 students.  All have dining areas and communal space within kitchens.  Available in Barnes W, X, Y & Z blocks.