Sub-letting is not allowed in campus accommodation. This is when another person takes over the tenancy from the original occupant of a room and pays them rent, without the consent of the Student Accommodation Office.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of Tenancy, 1.3 and 4.4 for further information. A tenant can be caught sub-letting in a number of ways and these include:

  • The tenant’s cleaner will notice that a different occupant is in the room
  • The Residence Support Manager or Resident Support Assistant will notice a change in occupant
  • If the tenant loses a key or Keele card they will be unable to get a replacement

If you are caught sub-letting there are penalties:

  • We may refuse to provide a reference for the tenant, to a future Letting Agent or Landlord. This means that the tenant will have difficulty finding somewhere to live, since all reputable agents require a reference before allowing prospective tenants to sign a contract.
  • The original occupant is still liable for all rooms fees until a suitable replacement is found for the room – this means that they will have to pay rent for the campus rooms and any other room they have taken off campus
  • Any student found to be sub-letting from another student will be required to leave the accommodation immediately