As part of our continued efforts to create a campus that is as green as possible, we have a number of recycling points in place across the Keele campus.

Did you know that...

...your recycled newspaper today could come back as a newspaper next week.

...mixed glass is made into new jars and bottles. It is also used in the construction industry, as aggregate in road surfaces.

...steel and aluminium cans could be made back into cans, or into cars, airplanes and fridges.

There are dedicated recycling points across the campus. These are located in the immediate vicinity of the Halls of Residence, in various places around the campus and in and around the Students' Union. The recyclable materials currently comprise of glass, tins, newspapers and magazines. The specific locations of the recycling points and the volumes of recycling materials collected are continually being assessed.

Visit the Esates and Development deparment to find out more about the University's campus-wide recycling scheme.