Lost and damaged keys

Please do your utmost to keep your keys safe at all times. Although it is possible for them to be replaced, this will come at a cost to yourself.         

Lost Keys

Have you checked the following places in case they have been found and handed in

  • Chancellor's Building Reception
  • Students' Union Reception
  • Sports Centre Reception
  • Library
  • Security Lodge (Darwin Building)

If they have not been found, you can buy a new set from the Student Accommodation Office in Barnes Y block (next to the David Weatherall Building).  The cost is £15 per key, up to a maximum of £30.

Out of office hours, you can ask to be let in to your room by Security.  If it is after midnight, there is a charge of £10 for this service.

You must make sure that you return a full set of keys to the Student Accommodation Office at the end of your occupancy, or you will be charged £30.

Damaged Keys

There is a charge for damaged room keys (broken or bent). The cost is £15 per key, up to a maximum of £30.