When you move into your student accommodation we recommend that you make an inventory of the condition and contents of your room.

What’s an inventory?

An inventory is a quick online questionnaire which allows you to record the condition of your bedroom when you move in.

Why complete an inventory?

Completing an inventory is your opportunity to make us aware of any issues with your accommodation and make sure you’re not charged for them and to get them fixed.

Your inventory must be completed within seven days of your moving in date, otherwise it will be assumed that you are responsible for any damages and you may be charged out of your deposit to put them right.

How to complete your online inventory

Log onto your accommodation portal. If you are still using did you know that once you have enrolled at Keele you can log on through the KLE accommodation portal.

Click on the Sign your inventory which is under the On Campus section. In the drop down section at the bottom there are two options and you will need to select one, either:

'All of the items above are present and correct in my room'


'I have an issue with one or more of the items (if you select this option you will be required to give a brief description)'