The Keele Guide to Elections and Electoral Systems in the United States

from the

School of Politics, International Relations & Philosophy

Keele University

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[Campaign Finance].. [Integrity of Elections].. [Campaigning]
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The Electoral College

The Electoral System

Voting Rights

Electoral and Political Finance

Integrity of Elections

Elections and Campaigning in General

Election Results and Maps

2000 Elections


Issues and Commentaries 

2002 Elections

2004 Elections

2004 Candidates in Alphabetical Order

Bill Van Auken (Socialist Equality Party)

George W Bush

Howard Dean

John F Kerry

Joseph Maryniuk (Independent)

Ralph Nader (Independent)

Gary Nolan (Independent Libertarian)

2006 Mid-Term Elections

2008 Elections

General Campaign Coverage


Editor's Note: Many sites have closed; these remain but may close at any time

Steve Adams (Independent)

Evan Bayh

Joseph Biden

Barbara Boxer

Lance Brown

Sam Brownback

Hillary Clinton

Christopher Dodd

John Edwards

Russ Feingold

Mike Gravel

Rudy Giuliani

Mike Huckabee

Duncan Hunter

Alan Keyes

John Kerry

William R Koenig

Dennis Kucinich

John McCain

Barack Obama

Ron Paul

George Phillies (Libertarian)

Bill Richardson

Mitt Romney

Mark Sanford

Jonathon Sharkey (Vampyres, Witches,Pagans Party)

Christine Smith (Libertarian)

Tom Tancredo 

Tommy Thompson

2010 Mid-Term Elections

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  • Polling Report
  • Princeton Election Consortium Meta-Analysis - 'a first draft of electoral history'
  • The Blue State

    2012 Elections

  • US Presidential Election 2012 from Wikipedia
  • Americans Elect - attempt to promote third party candidate
  • Commission on Presidential Debates
  • Campaign 2012 from C-Span
  • Candidate Tracker from Fox News
  • Campaign 2012 from CBS News
  • CNN Election Center
  • Daily Kos
  • Democratic National Convention
  • 2012 Democratic National Convention
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  • Charlotte 2012 - Democratic Convention site
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  • Election 2012 New York Time coverage
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  • Election 2012 From the Wall Street Journal
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  • Electoral Vote Calculator
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  • Election Line non-partisan
  • Election Projection
  • voter registration
  • The Green Papers
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  • Latino Decisions
  • League of Christian Voters
  • David Leip's Atlas of US Presidential Elections
  • MSNBC coverage
  • National Horizon 'Fighting for Your Conservative Values'
  • New York Times Election Coverage
  • Obama in 30 seconds - Createa TV ad
  • On the Issues 2012 - comparing candidates' policy on a wide range of issues
  • Political Ref - polls, news, blogs, videos
  • Politico Live
  • Politics 1 'All presidential, gubernatorial and congressional candidates'
  • Politifact - assessments of candidates' statements
  • Polling Report: Election 2012
  • 2012 US Presidential Election : The Second Renaissance from Wikia
  • FrontloadingHQ - focus on primaries
  • Polls from US Election Atlas
  • The Presidency
  • Real Clear Politics
  • Renew America
  • Republican National Convention 2012
  • Republican Geek
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  • Republican National Committee
  • Salon War Room
  • Slate's Election Scorecard
  • Select Smart: Choose Your President - selector matches your answers to questions on US government policy
  • TPM: TalkingPointsMemo
  • - directory of federal, state and local contests
  • Video the Vote - site aimed at stopping 'voter suppression'
  • Vote from Abroad - getting US citizens abroad to vote
  • Vote 411 - election information on ballots, absentee voting etc
  • Voto Latino
  • Washington Monthly
  • Watchblog
  • Wonkette
  • You Decide 2012
  • Zogby polls

    Candidates and would-be candidates

    Sites below may be deleted at any time

    Michele Bachmann

    Herman Cain

    Newt Gingrich

    Mike Huckabee 

    Jon Huntsman

    Gary Johnson

    Barak Obama

    Sarah Palin

    Ron Paul

    Tim Pawlenty

    Rick Perry

    Mitt Romney

    Rick Santorum

    2014 Mid-Term Elections


    Senate Elections

    2016 Elections

    2016 Presidential Candidates and Would-be Candidates

    Jeb Bush

    Ben Carson

    Lincoln Chafee

    Chris Christie

    Hillary Clinton

    Ted Cruz

    Bob Ehrlich

    Mark Everson

    Carly Fiorina

    Jim Gilmore

    Lindsey Graham

    Mike Huckerbee Mike Huckabee President 2016

    Bobby Jindal

    John Kasich

    Martin OMalley

    George Pataki

    Ron Paul

    Marco Rubio

    Bernie Sanders

    Rick Santorum

    Donald Trump

    Scott Walker

    Jim Webb