Statements of Commendation

“This institution’s activities as well as those of the former School of American Studies have secured Keele an impressive reputation on European networks of American Studies. The Centre’s congenial atmosphere and productive atmosphere makes it an ideal transatlantic and European meeting point for interdisciplinary research on North America…”

Professor Frank Schumacher, University of Western Ontario

“The interactions that I had were all very positive. Using Keele as a base, I was also able to travel to other parts of the UK to find materials related not just to the above-mentioned research but also to other on-going projects and to teaching.”
Professor Nicholas Pagan, Eastern Mediterranean University

“The location’s own advantages were reinforced by a friendly, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere. The Postgraduate Induction day…provided an excellent opportunity for students to interact socially and begin forming academic networks. I also appreciated the chance I was given to attend the Bruce Centre seminars, which I found instructive and stimulating in many ways…. The experience was, in short, fruitful and deeply rewarding…”
Vicente R. Rosselló Hernández, University of La Laguna, Spain

“The Bruce Centre at the University of Keele has provided hundreds of graduate students with a new insight into the history and political life of America and has strengthened the special relationship which is central to the foreign policy of my own country. Not only has the Centre played a role in the direct education of its students, but it has been instrumental in organizing teams of European historians concerned with America. It has promoted the understanding of America and its relations with the United Kingdom which David Bruce advanced so sympathetically.” George W Ball, former US Under-Secretary of State

“The Bruce Centre, established in 1969 at Keele University, is justifiably regarded as a centre of international research in the field of American Studies. It undertakes a dynamic and robust programme of activities which serve to benefit the students at Keele University as well as outside organisations and the general public. I warmly support its work.” The Rt Hon Edward Heath KG, MBE, MP, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 

“Having worked in the American Studies field now for 23 years, and having seen programs from many and very differently organized American Studies departments, I think the one at the University of Keele’s David Bruce Centre is one of the very best in terms of structure, balance between the various skills necessary to critically analyze American culture (broadly conceived) and to make them aware of some of the latter’s major problems. The best tribute one can pay is that I have learned from it and will securely benefit from it next time ewe shall redesign our own program.” Professor Knud Krakau, John F Kennedy Institute, Free University, Berlin 

“The Bruce Centre at Keele plays a key role in Europe in terms of the quality it offers its students in the field of American Studies. Not only its study programmes, also its international research colloquia are first rate.” Dr. Cornelis A van Minnen, Director, Roosevelt Study Centre, Middleburg, The Netherlands and President, American Studies Network 

“The David Bruce Centre has made an outstanding contribution to both teaching and research in the field of American Studies. It has established itself as one of the leading institutions in the UK and it has an increasingly impressive reputation across the Atlantic.” Richard Maidment, Vice Chancellor for Academic Student Affairs, United States Open University