The Science and Psychology of Santa and Supernatural Belief

‌Why do children believe in Santa, and what are the necessary pre-conditions for such belief? Children are surprisingly judicious in their ability to discriminate fantasy from reality, and the same cognitive faculties that underpin ordinary social cognition also appear to support belief in supernatural agents. Does Santa Claus represent a special case of supernatural belief, or is he different by degree, rather than kind, when considered in the context of fiction, mythology, and even institutional religion?

When: Wednesday 18th December 2019 at 16:00

Where: Dorothy Hodgkin Building, Room DH1.30A, Keele University

Parking: Pay and Display (details and map)

This is not a ticketed event - please just turn up


A note: potential attendees should feel free to email Rohan (by the beginning of December) with any questions on this topic they might like to see addressed in the talk!