Ageing, drama and creativity: a critical review

This new award is inspired by the interdisciplinary Ages and Stages project: a continuing collaboration between Keele University and the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Our research, and that of others, leads us to conclude that whilst we know quite a lot about the practice of undertaking creative drama-based projects with older people, our conceptual and empirical understandings of how cultural value is viewed by the participants in these projects is much more limited. This Critical Review builds on the findings, experiences, learning and networks established through Ages and Stages, and will examine both the published and ‘grey’ literature in this area. It aims to provide a more nuanced assessment of the existing research in order to aid our understanding of the components of cultural value as they relate to theatre; its theoretical and conceptual dimensions; and the methods used to generate evidence.

Research Team : M. Bernard (PI), J. Rezzano (New Vic Theatre) & M. Rickett (RA)

Sponsor : AHRC cultural values project, Jan-May 2014