Returning to Keele after Easter

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On this page you’ll find information and guidance about returning to Keele after Easter, including Covid-19 testing requirements, and information on travelling back to campus safely, along with some FAQs.

Schools will be letting students know directly which cohorts will be resuming in-situ activities.

Unless you are invited by your School to resume in-situ activities, you should continue with your online learning and remain at your current accommodation wherever possible and not return to campus. There will be a further Government review in April about when all remaining students can return, and further details for these students will be announced at that point.

Students who will be resuming in-situ teaching and activities will need to complete our online form (your School will send this to you if you are told your in-situ activity will be resuming) and also book Covid-19 tests.

Covid-19 testing for students returning after Easter

Students returning to Keele after Easter should:

  • Get tested before they return, if Community Testing is available where they live
  • Get tested twice on their return to Keele; immediately upon arrival and three days later
  • Get tested twice a week thereafter.

Please note: You will not be able to restart your studies on campus without completing these steps.

All students who are attending in-person sessions and using campus facilities after Easter will need to ensure that they get tested every 3-4 days. This includes students on programmes where in-person teaching resumed in January, March, and those living on campus who remained here over the lockdown period. Testing takes place at our on-campus testing facility in the Sports Centre.

Testing is quick, easy, and free, and helps to keep our campus community safe.

If you are unable to return for your in-person teaching, for example because you are clinically extremely vulnerable, please contact your School to discuss your studies and options. You can also contact Student Services for advice and support, and they can help you liaise with your School.

Staying safe on campus when you return

To minimise the risk to yourself and others on your return, you should act responsibly before you travel and follow National lockdown: Stay at Home guidance on social contact once you return to Keele.

Our ‘Back to Campus’ web pages contain all of the information you need about how we are keeping campus a safe place to live, work and study, and guidance for you to follow to stay safe on campus.

Please remember to:

  • Always wear a face covering when you are indoors on campus, except when in your student household.
  • Wash your hands regularly, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Maintain 2m social distancing at all times from those outside your student household.
  • Also adhere to all social distancing guidance regarding one-way systems, queuing, and building and room entrances and exits.

For those students who will be returning to Keele after Easter, the Government has confirmed that under the ‘Stay at Home’ regulations, students are permitted to return to their term-time accommodation, including travel to and from the devolved administrations, subject to any local rules in place within the devolved administrations. This includes family or others within their household or support bubble who travel with the student to transport them back to their term time address. Students can travel by private vehicle or public transport but should make sure they follow safer travel advice.

If travelling by private vehicle:

  • avoid car sharing with anyone outside their household or support bubble
  • rigorously follow the safer travel guidance for passengers to reduce the risk of transmission to others where this is not possible

If using public transport students should:

Students can help reduce the spread of coronavirus by:

  • wearing a face covering unless exempt
  • keeping their distance from people from other households when they travel, where possible
  • washing or sanitising their hands regularly
  • avoiding the busiest routes, as well as busy times like the rush hour
  • downloading the NHS COVID-19 app before they travel, if possible and checking in where they see official NHS COVID-19 QR code posters

The Government has confirmed that if students are travelling from areas which are undergoing surge testing, different public health guidance applies and they should ensure they get tested before they travel. If they test positive, their PCR test will be sent to a laboratory for genomic sequencing and they must not travel. They must isolate with their household immediately and follow the guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus infections. Public Health England will carry out enhanced tracing of close contacts of confirmed cases of the variants.

Check the current list of surge testing locations to see if this applies to you.

International students who are not already staying on campus should follow the guidance on new and returning students from overseas detailed here, and contact our International Student Support team for support and guidance. 

For those students who returned in March who have accommodation on campus, the full rent rebate ended on March 7th.

For those students who have accommodation on campus and are unable to return until after Easter, your rent rebate will continue, and we will review the situation when the Government provides this further guidance in April.

In line with Government guidance, in March some courses were continued online, and we therefore did not ask those students to return to campus in March, in order to minimise the risk of transmission. The Government has said that it will review the options for these all remaining students by the end of April, taking into account national data and the wider roadmap. Students will be given at least a week’s notice before in-person teaching resumes. 

As a result of ongoing social distancing rules and changes to various degrees of lockdown, the University Education Committee has decided that for the academic year 2020/21, Keele will not be conducting any end of Semester 1 or Semester 2 assessments which would require a physical presence on the campus, unless there are particular circumstances where they need to take place, such as being mandated by a professional body.

Where an examination would normally have taken place on campus the assessment has been converted to electronic submission, either by coursework or by offering them as timed assessments.

See the assessments page for more information.

Practical sessions are an essential part of many degree programmes. Whilst we have been able to accommodate government restrictions on delivery of practical sessions until now, if you do not complete all of the practical elements of your programme, you may find that your professional accreditation is at risk.

If your circumstances are such that you cannot return to campus for your practical sessions, you should contact your School as soon as possible to discuss your options.

If you are self-isolating and unable to return for your in-person teaching, you should contact your School as soon as possible to advise them of this. They will be able to support you in catching up on any missed sessions.

You should also notify the CRT of your self-isolation period.

In line with Government guidance, if you are clinically extremely vulnerable you should continue to study online wherever possible, and should not return to in-person teaching. You will have received a letter from your GP/NHS which advises you of the current guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable people.

If you have mandatory practical elements of your course, please let your School know about your status, and please let Student Services know so that we can support you.

The government guidance states that you should remain in your current accommodation wherever possible, unless you are studying one of the following programmes, or had been invited by your school to return to Keele in March:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing (all branches)
  • Midwifery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography
  • Physician Associate
  • Pharmacy
  • Social Work
  • Veterinary Science
  • Initial Teacher Training

If you have not been invited back by your school but you have a legal reason to do so, please contact Student Services to inform us of your return.

If you travel, please follow the government’s safe travel guidance.

See our Lockdown 2021 page for further information about Accommodation, Support and Facilities on campus. 

We have a number of on-campus rooms available for students who need to resume in-person teaching and do not already have local accommodation. If this applies to you, please complete this form, and view this web page to see what accommodation is available.