Disciplinary Action:

Our response to student breaches of Covid-secure measures 

Process updated 23 September 2021.

We all hold a personal responsibility to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19.

To report an incident or concern related to a breach of Covid restrictions, please do so via this form (please note that this is not the form you need to complete if you have coronavirus symptoms).

However, if the matter that you wish to discuss is happening now and requires immediate attention, this should be reported directly to the University Security Team by calling +44(0)1782 733004.

The University takes reports seriously and will take disciplinary action against anyone who poses a health and safety risk.

In line with the University’s operating level, we have updated our approach to responding to breaches of Covid-secure measures. As of 23 September 2021, we have reduced our 4-stage disciplinary approach to a 2-stage disciplinary approach. This change ensures that we continue to keep our campus community as safe as possible.

Please remember the laws in England and ensure that you act in accordance with the most up to date advice and restrictions.

University Disciplinary Process

Stage Process  (updated 23 September 2021) Examples
1 Warning letter and/or educational advice by authorised staff member  

1st complaint regarding an individual if they respond negatively to stage 1.


  • Failure to comply with the University’s face covering policy
  • Failure to comply with Covid-secure requirements in educational spaces

Formal Discipline (Minor/Major) 

Matter to be considered as a minor or major breach of University rules (under regulation B1).

Maximum fine of £500 per individual.

Referral to Student Discipline Committee.

Emergency risk assessment and appropriate restrictions put in place.

Potential for a referral to the police and/or temporary or permanent withdrawal from the University.

Persistent offending or major offence.


  • Multiple occurrences of one of the above
  • Deliberate significant breach of Covid-19 regulations (for instance not isolating after a positive Covid-19 test)
  • Failure to self-isolate or quarantine if required to do so.