Covid Support Fund

We have received additional funding from the Government to support students facing financial difficulties arising from the impact of coronavirus.  

In order to apply for the funding, we have developed a straight-forward application process to ensure that we can distribute these funds to as many students as possible, including international students, who are impacted by the pandemic.

This funding will help students who may be facing additional costs, for example due to having to maintain accommodation in more than one location, loss of employment, or extra costs to access teaching online, and will help to enable students to continue with their courses and achieve successful outcomes.

Students will be able to apply to the Covid Support Fund between 17 February and 5 March, using a shorter, adapted hardship fund application. After this date we will assess all applications and all eligible students will be notified of their award. Students will receive a standard amount, which will be increased on a needs-assessed basis. All funds will then be distributed by 31 March.

The funding is intended to help students facing additional costs due to Covid-19, including:

  • Students paying double rent, or those struggling to pay rent (both on and off campus)
  • Those affected by lack of work or ability to work
  • Those whose family have been financially impacted by Covid-19
  • Students experiencing difficulty engaging with their studies due to the need for IT equipment or internet access
  • Care leavers and estranged students
  • Those with caring responsibilities
  • Students with disabilities or who are clinically vulnerable
  • Mature students and postgraduate students
  • Those living locally because they are currently in the category of those who can still participate in in-person study, as defined by the Government. This can be to help with living costs or rent
  • Any student who may be classed as vulnerable. This could be Covid-related clinical vulnerability, or vulnerable due to other circumstances/health conditions
  • International students who may not be able to travel and are experiencing financial difficulties