Covid-Secure Building User Guide for Visitors

The buildings and spaces on Keele campus have been risk-assessed and adapted to be Covid-secure. As with all other public spaces, this means that building layouts and the behaviours of the users within buildings have had to be modified to ensure that individuals can observe social distancing and other Covid-secure measures.

As a visitor to the campus, this page provides you with an overview of the measures we have taken. More specific details on individual buildings can be found at:


Each individual is expected to take personal responsibility for controlling the spread of the virus, and as such you are reminded to not come to campus if you have:

  • A new continuous cough;
  • A high temperature;
  • A loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste/smell;

If you do have any of these symptoms, stay home and book to have a test through the NHS website.


When you are visiting campus please remember to:

  • Wear a face covering if you travel to and from campus on public transport;
  • Wear a face covering when indoors on campus;
  • Wash your hands regularly, or use hand sanitiser if hand-washing facilities aren’t available;
  • Clean any meeting tables that you use before and after you use them;
  • Maintain social distancing wherever possible;
  • If you cough, catch it with a tissue, dispose of it safely and wash your hands afterwards.

Each Building will have a plan, which will be marked up, showing: 

  • Circulation routes including staircases and any ‘one way’ systems in place
  • Location of hand sanitiser station – (as a minimum this will be at the entrance to each building)
  • Locations of any doors that are opened using a push button 
  • Location of welfare facilities – toilets and kitchen points 
  • Any spaces which are to remain locked
  • Which meeting spaces can be used and which cannot in order to maintain social distancing

Completed building plans will be displayed at entrances to buildings and on the web pages. Buildings will also display signage throughout advising of circulation routes, rules for using welfare spaces/lifts and social distancing signage, using both wall signs and floor signs as appropriate.  

Face coverings are required indoors in public spaces, such as corridors, teaching rooms, foyer areas etc., unless you are considered exempt from needing to wear one.

Lifts are for single occupancy use only, or in some cases, have been taken out of use.

Your host on campus should provide you with the specific arrangements for the building you are visiting on campus.

Toilets will operate on a ‘one in, one out’ basis unless otherwise stated on the entrance. Signage to denote this will be placed on the doors. You will need to knock on the door and check that the space is vacant before entering.

Seating areas will be taped to denote where it is appropriate to sit and not sit in order to maintain social distancing. Please follow these suggestions.

We will not be re-opening reception areas in buildings, so if you have enquiries on arrival, you should contact your host directly to support you.

Public spaces will be cleaned by the domestic team, which will focus on COVID cleanliness – a schedule of the cleaning regime will be displayed in the building. 

Hand sanitiser stations will be located at the entrance to each building.  

Whilst campus operations are not at ‘normal levels’, there will be no fire drills on campus during this time.

Therefore in the event of a fire alarm, occupants are to leave the building immediately by their nearest exit.

Occupants should follow the green running man signs; disregarding any Covid one-way systems where they conflict with the nearest emergency exit route.

Upon exiting the building, when at Fire evacuation meeting points, social distancing should be resumed as soon as possible.