University Strategy 2019-2022

Internal consultation

Introduction from the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to participate in the consultation process.

As you will be aware, over the last few months I have been working with colleagues to review our performance against our “Beyond 2015” Strategy and to initiate the process of revising and refreshing the University Strategy, to ensure we have the right approach in the medium term to enable us to thrive in the UK and global higher education sector.

The University Executive team ran a series of face-to-face and online discussion fora in the summer, aiming to get wide-ranging input into the development of a new strategy at an early stage. These events, which involved both staff and students, were a great success and generated a rich set of thoughts and ideas that have fed into the consultation process and will also contribute to the Strategic Delivery Plan which will be developed in the early part of 2019.

The consultation paper, which is now available, reflects these discussions by including some of the consistent themes that emerged and translating them into possible ways forward for Keele.

The structure of the consultation paper is based around the principle of the 5 P’s being at the core of the Keele mission. Our Purpose; People; Place; Partnerships and Performance are what make us successful and I want the University to have a strategy that resonates with each individual, not bogged down in operational structures or thematic activities. Therefore, when considering the paper, I ask you to think from your own perspective as to whether the University that is described in this document is, a) the Keele that you know and recognise and b) one that you would be proud to be associated with during this strategy period. But I would also ask you to consider how you personally need to adapt to the changing and challenging environment and then identify what support you would need to enact that.

Whether you are a member of staff, a student or a key associate of the University I would be very grateful for your thoughts and comments either on the specific questions posed in the paper or on broader issues. Your comments will then feed in to the next stage of discussions, the production of the strategy and the development of critical operational plans that will hopefully lead us to an even stronger position within society and the higher education sector over the next few years to come.

Thank you for engaging with this process.

Trevor McMillan


The consultation paper is available to view here.

Colleagues can respond to some/all of the questions using the response form which is available here.

Responses can also be submitted by email to

We would value responses to the consultation paper or broader thoughts on our University’s strategy by the 25th January 2019.