Staff parking

The type of permit available to you will depend on whether you are on the University payroll (ie you are paid every month by the University or Students' Union) or if you are non-payroll (ie you may be a sessional lecturer or you work for an agency).

We now use an ANPR system to monitor carparks.  You must provide vehicle registration details (up to 4 vehicles) when you apply online. 

You are only able to have one vehicle on campus at a time.  If you need to add or change any vehicle details held on the system, you can make the changes yourself.

A valid parking permit will allow you to park in any campus car park except for:

  • Disabled spaces 
  • Pay and display areas 
  • Reserved visitor spaces
  • Car share spaces (unless car sharing) before 9.30am
  • Family friendly spaces before 9.15am
  • Science Park and Innovation Centres car park (Staff in IC1 and IC2 can park in spaces aligned to their office space)
  • Residential areas around campus, where residential permits must be displayed
  • Event Permit Only car parks

Staff parking permit queries:

Please see FAQ's for further details.

Staff permits

The type of permit available to you will depend on whether you are on the University payroll (ie you are paid every month by the University) or if you are non-payroll (ie you may be a sessional lecturer or you work for an agency). Your permit is specific to you and the permitted vehicle registrations you provide. Only one vehicle should be on campus at any one time.

If you need to change the registrations e.g you buy a new car or no longer own one:

Update the details on the parking system and await an email confirming the change has been made, this will usually be within two working days. 

If you need to change on the day, make the update on the system then phone 01782 732000 to speak to a member of the team (8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday) who can update it whilst you wait.  The University Reception team continue to work remotely until further notice but please be assured they are able to answer your calls and emails ( in a timely manner.

If you are paid by the University every month, then you are eligible to apply for a campus parking permit. The cost of the parking permit, which is deducted from your salary on a monthly basis, is 0.3%. (0.15% on 2020/21). 

If you would like to apply for a permit there is no longer a paper form, you need to use out online system.  Go to 

If you no longer require your parking permit, please confirm this in an email to and we will then arrange for the monthly payment to be cancelled.

You are eligible for a staff vehicle permit, even if you are not on the University’s payroll if:

  1. You are a Postgraduate Research student,
  2. You work at Keele as a casual or sessional member of staff
  3. You work on campus but are not directly employed by Keele University or the Students' Union e.g. agency staff, bank or shop staff.

The cost of the parking permit for a full year is £5.00 per month (£2.50 in 2020/21), which is payable at the time of application.  

If you would like a permit, there is no paper form - you must apply online.  Go to - 

You will need your head of department or senior department administrator to confirm that you are eligible thenwill be asked to make a payment by eStore.

Please note that possession of a permit does not guarantee that there will be a parking space on campus.  All drivers should comply with the University’s Use of Estates Procedure – Vehicles should only park in vacant, marked parking bays, must display a valid permit at all times, and adhere to the conditions displayed on the signage around campus.

Car share spaces

If these are unoccupied after 9.30am, they can be used by permit holders who have arrived on campus after 9.30am. If there is a demand for more Car Share spaces, then the number will be reviewed.

Please see information about car sharing here.

Family friendly spaces

These will remain free up to 9.15am and have been designated to allow permit holders who have familiy and school drop off commitments etc., the ability to park at a time the car park spaces are generally in high demand. If there is a demand for more Family Friendly Spaces, then the number will be reviewed.

Plot 7 car park

This car park is available for University and science park staff and students and campus contractors.