The project

Organ pipes A short time after the University received the Royal Charter in 1962, work began to design and build the glorious Staffordshire blue brick Grade II listed Chapel in the centre of campus.  Founding Musical Director George Pratt, architect George Pace and Liverpool organ builders Rushworth & Dreaper designed the Keele Chapel Organ.

The instrument is unique - uniting the traditions of classic romantic English organ building and the continental and American revolution in the creation of an organ that looks back to the 17th & 18th Centuries traditions, built with the tonal structure based on classic lines yet voiced in the style of eighteenth century Dutch and German organs to produce romantic and orchestral tones best suited to choral concert accompaniment.

Installed in 1965, the organ as we know it is a scaled back version of George’s vision - they simply ran out of money.

The project is now underway with the appointment of an Independent Organ Adviser, Paul Hale, who will ensure that our plans are true and in keeping with the instrument and George’s plans.