Hardship Fund Appeal 2020

Although long-established, never has the University’s Hardship Fund seen such a demand for help. Due directly to the impact of COVID-19, many of our students have suddenly found themselves struggling to make ends meet, having perhaps lost jobs during both term-time and over the summer or they have families that are now under increased pressure financially due to redundancy or lockdown restrictions.

Grants from this emergency fund have been hugely appreciated and have helped to ease anxiety and stress amongst our student community and their families; and it continues to provide a much-needed temporary lifeline, helping to alleviate some of the desperate financial situations in which students and their families have found themselves.

“Thank you so much! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I can’t explain how much this money means. I have lost so much sleep worrying about my situation and this will enable me to actually concentrate on my degree"

Quote received from a student recipient.

However, Keele’s Hardship Fund is now depleting fast and we desperately need help to bolster the money available, not just for the short-term, but also to ensure there is a sustainable fund going forwards, as we have never been so uncertain as to how the future is going to pan out.

We are hoping to raise a minimum of £50,000, which will allow Keele to support a minimum of 100 students through this crisis and beyond and we would love your support. We have set up an easy way to donate from anywhere in the world, via our online payment portal and even the smallest amount when collectively given with many other alumni will make a huge difference to the immediate support we can give our student community, hopefully reaching our target and beyond.

To give to this appeal, please go to: https://epay.keele.ac.uk/donations

Anything you can contribute will be appreciated and we will be reporting back regularly to you all on how the Appeal is going.

With many thanks in advance for supporting your Keele community.

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