Media Guidelines for Staff

Media engagement

We match academic expertise here at Keele with the national and international news agenda, in order to secure global coverage for the University and its academic expertise.

We can also help with media engagement around new research papers, studies, grants, outreach projects and other activities that you undertake, helping to raise the profile of our academics, Schools and the University as a whole.

Whether it’s a live interview from our campus-based TV and radio studio, a Conversation article, or simply a quote issued to journalists via email we can help connect your expertise with a wide audience.

Proactive contact with the media should always be made via the PR & Communications team – please get in touch if you need any help.

If you have an upcoming paper, event or project, or have an idea for a news story or press release, then please contact us. We will work with you to draft the release and target appropriate media.

If an external body (e.g. a funding council or academic journal) is issuing a press release about your work, please let us know as soon as possible before the release is issued. This will help us deal with any enquiries from journalists arising from the release.

Dealing with media enquiries

The PR & Communications team is the first point of contact for most media enquiries.

If you are contacted directly by a journalist to comment about your research, or issues relating to your teaching or subject expertise, please let us know where possible as we can provide guidance and support..

Please always let the PR & Communications team know if you have been working with the media as we may receive follow-up calls from other journalists when the story is published or broadcast - we can always share your news coverage via social media too, to give it a wider reach

You should refer the journalist to us if the media enquiry is not relevant to your area of work, if you are unsure of how to respond, or if the enquiry concerns University policy issues and the journalist is seeking the views of a University spokesperson.

Please contact us if you would like advice before responding to a media enquiry - we’re available out-of-hours if it’s urgent.

Media Training

We provide basic media training in-house as and when required, and also occasionally bring in external broadcast media trainers for those academics who are expecting to undertake radio or television interviews - please contact us if you’d like to know more.