Feedback from Participants

Clinical Leadership and Management Courses for Specialty Trainees 

I recently attended the above mentioned course that had been highly recommended to me by a colleague. I first thought it was a little expensive but I must say in hindsight the course is extremely good value for money, worth every penny! Prior the course I have to admit I knew very little regarding managerial issues. This course was a big eye opener and I found myself asking questions and wanting to know more. The content was extremely relevant as I am approaching my application for Consultancy. I left the course wanting to know more.

The course involved open discussions on the different and interchangeable roles of management and leadership, how the NHS is structured and how it has changed, the financial distribution within the NHS (planning and budgeting), making a business case, implementing change and focussing on personality styles (Myers & Briggs) that you can utilise within a team as a leader to ensure the task in hand is completed, conflict resolution, Interview questions, when to visit and who to see in preparing for the consultant interview, service improvement and team building – All in three days!!

The faculty were all excellent, all approachable and keen to answer any questions. The discussions were kept interactive and relaxed with regular refreshment breaks.

The course was not rushed and tailored to the needs and requirements of the group. The course was run by Mrs Maureen Morgan OBE, Senior Associate, School of Medicine, Keele University & Council Member, Nursing & Midwifery Council – A remarkable lady.

The venue is Keele Hall – an amazing building with fantastic architecture and grounds. The accommodation was excellent with a rest area, outdoor seating to relax, private bar and dining area. There is also a public house 5 minute walk up the road.

If asked what Management and Leadership Course would I recommend if you are nearing consultancy???   THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you gain as much as I have!

This course was very well structured and dynamic and allowed different perspectives to be expressed in an open and relaxed environment. The speakers were all highly experienced in their roles and provided excellent insight into the everyday realities of clinical management. Overall, this course gave me a sound foundation onto which I shall enter my new role as consultant more confidently in the context of departmental management and working with colleagues.  Sue Hignett, ST8 (Breast Surgery)

The Clinical Leadership and Management Course left me feeling significantly more prepared for the challenges, personal, within a team, and organisational, that I am likely to face as I move into a consultant role. The lively and dynamic nature of the course made learning about, and developing, leadership and management skills, enjoyable and memorable.  Thanks for providing such a great course.  Zarina Shaikh, ST7 (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)