Confirming your place at Keele University

We receive the majority of exam board results through UCAS and once these are received we will work on making a final decision on your application.

If you have other conditions to your offer, you should send evidence that you have met these conditions as soon as possible. You should upload these to the Applicant Portal.

If you already hold a conditional offer with us please use the UCAS Hub facility to check the status of your place after results have been released (for A level applicants this will be on Thursday 18 August 2022).

If your place has been confirmed, there is no need to contact the University as well. Information welcoming you to the University will be sent to you from the 22 August 2022. If your place has not been confirmed, then please see the information below. 

Outstanding qualifications

If we have not yet received the results of all of your qualifications that form part of your offer, then we will be unable to make a decision. GCSE results are published on Thursday 25 August 2022 and if GCSEs form part of your offer you will need to upload these to the Applicant Portal as soon as you receive them.

Alternative course offer

If you do not meet the conditions of your offer sometimes universities will offer you a different course instead.

If you are happy with the alternative course you will need to accept this new course through the UCAS Hub to secure your place. If you do not wish to accept this alternative course offer, you can decline this and you will automatically be considered for your insurance choice course. If you did not meet the conditions of your insurance offer and were again offered an alternative you could again decline the place and choose to go into Clearing.

Confirmation FAQs

Please email with your UCAS personal ID number, the course you have been accepted onto, and the course you wish to change to. If there are still spaces on the course you wish to change to and you meet any subject specific requirements, we will endeavour to make this change for you.

Please email with your UCAS personal ID number and the course you have been accepted onto and your reasons for requesting a deferral. We will then get back to you to let you know if this is possible.

Before we can issue you with a CAS number to apply for your student visa, you will need to pay your deposit. Details of how to do this can be found on the following webpage.

You will need to allow sufficient time for the money to clear in the university's bank account. We will then send you a checklist that you will need to check and confirm that the information is correct. Following this we will issue your CAS number. 

Further information can be found at