Further Information and links


Information on Flowering Cherries is scattered through the literature. Most gardening books only list a few of the commoner varieties. If you have other suggestions let us know and we will add them to the list.

  • The Flower Association of Japan(1983) Manual of Japanese Flowering Cherries. The Flower Association of Japan, Tokyo.  [English translation from Japanese – this is the primary authority for nomenclature and description of the Japanese cultivars]
  • Kuitert, A. with Peterse, I. (1999) Japanese Flowering Cherries. Timber Press, Oregon.  [The most up-to-date comprehensive survey]
  • Kelly, J. (2004) The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs. David and Charles, Newton Abbott. [The encyclopaedic UK guide]
  • Chadbund, G. (1973) Flowering Cherries. Collins, London.
  • Ingram, C. (1948) Ornamental Cherries. Country Life, London.
  • Bean, W.J. (1970-80) Trees & Shrubs Hardy in the British Isle (8th ed). John Murray, London.
  • RHS Plant Finder (published annually).
  • Kawasaki, T. (1994) Flowering Cherries of Japan. Yama-Kei Publications, Tokyo.  [Wholly in Japanese except for Latin names for cultivars - beautifully illustrated and thus useful for confirming identities]

In addition, a couple of specialist taxonomic publications from the USA have proved useful:

  • Wilson, E.H. (1916) The Cherries of Japan. Publications of the Arnold Arboretum, No. 7 (30th March), Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Jefferson, R.M. & Wain, K.K. (1984) The Nomenclature of Cultivated Japanese Flowering Cherries (Prunus); The Sato-zakura Group. US Department of Agriculture, National Arboretum Contribution No. 5, Washington, D.C.