Prunus 'Collingwood Ingram'

Prunus 'Collingwood Ingram'

Prunus 'Collingwood Ingram' A recent introduction, raised at Hemelrijk by Robert de Belder, chosen in 1979 by Capt. Collingwood Ingram as the best from a set of P. ‘Kursar’ seedlings at Kalmthout Arboretum Belgium, with the darkest flowers of a batch of seedlings

Erect tree shape - height 4-5m, Spread 3-4m. Flowers are a deeper pink than P.’Kursar’, appearing in March. Dark pink flowers c. 25 mm dia., with even darker pink edges to petals.

RHS Award of Garden Merit 2012.


  • One specimen by the Nursery; square compartment 58b; square N5; tag 4148. Planted in 2002.

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