Chemical Sciences Research Seminars 2016

The North Staffordshire local section of the Royal Society of Chemistry covers all costs associated with our external speakers. We are very grateful to the committee of the local RSC section for their support in creating a vibrant research seminar series.

Wednesdays 2pm

Chemical Sciences Seminars: Lennard-Jones LJ 1.70 

All Welcome

Spring 2016




February 10

Lukasz Mendecki
(Keele University)

Ion-Selective Electrodes as a tool for trace analysis of ions in environmentally and biologically important samples

February 17

Prof John Irvine
(University of St Andrews)

Chemistry at the Edge: preovskite exsolutions
RSC Award Lecture

March 02

Prof Carole Perry
(Nottingham Trent University)


March 16

Prof Sharon Ashbrook (University of St Andrews)

Studying Disorder in Inorganic Solids: Exploiting Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations
RSC Award Lecture

April 13

Prof Ian Wilson
(Imperial College London)

Metabolic Phenotyping: from biomarker discovery to mechanistic understanding

April 27

Dr Gavin Miller
(Keele University)

Chemical synthesis of mimetic carbohydrates