An Overview of Chemistry Research

All members of the academic staff within Chemistry are engaged in research and are members of the Chemical Sciences Research Centre, one of the seven research centres within the Faculty of Natural Sciences. On these pages you will find information on postgraduate opportunities, funding, seminars and much more.

We have a number of internationally respected research groups, and 93% of the research output was given 3* (internationally recognised) or 4* (world leading) ratings in the last Research Excellence Framework (REF2014). Collaborations are numerous with academic and industrial partners in the UK and overseas, including for example close ties with the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France - the world’s leading facility in neutron science and technology, and with AstraZeneca - one of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical companies. In recent years the department has received substantial funding for research from the EPSRC, NERC, BBSRC, DEFRA, DTI, the European Union, the Nuffield Foundation, and the Environment Agency.

The main areas of research activity are listed below, with core academic staff involved. Further details can be obtained by visiting the individual staff member’s webpage through this Chemistry website or via the Research Institute websites.

Analytical, Materials & Surface Chemistry Prof. P.W. Haycock, Dr C.C. Egger, Dr F.J.M. Rutten,
Dr A. Radu, Dr M. Hollamby
Analytical & Spectroscopic Research Dr D.J. McGarvey, Dr F.J.M. Rutten, Dr A. Radu
Bioinorganic Chemistry of Aluminium and Silicon Dr C. Exley
Chemical Ecology Group Prof. E.D. Morgan, Dr F.P. Drijfhout, Dr G.R. Jones
Chemistry Education Research Dr L.M. Hancock, Dr K.J. HaxtonDr D.J. McGarvey
Green Chemistry and Clean Energy

Prof. R.M. Ormerod, Dr R. Darton, Dr J. Staniforth

Ionophore-based Sensors

Dr A. Radu

Macromolecular Structure Research Group


Prof. V.T. Forsyth


Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Research

Dr G.R. Jones

Dr M. O'Brien, Dr M.G. Edwards, Dr G. Miller, Dr T.R. Phillips

Photochemistry Dr D.J. McGarvey
Porous Materials Dr C.C. Egger
Polymer and Dendrimer Chemistry Dr K.J. Haxton
Solid State and Computational Chemistry

Dr C. Adam, Dr R.A. Jackson, Dr R.H. Jones

Team Based Learning Dr N Brown, V. Cartwright, Dr L.M. Hancock, C Howe, Dr G.R. Jones, Dr. T. R. Phillips, Dr. D. Plana
Zeolite Research Dr V Zholobenko