Open-source automation paper featured on journal front cover

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Posted on 31 May 2017

A homemade automated flow chemistry system developed by the O’Brien group is featured on the front cover of the journal Tetrahedron Letters (, free access until 15/6/2017:

The system was used to effect an acid catalysed flow-chemical desilylation reaction and incorporates a 3-axis autosampling unit and a computer-vision controlled liquid-liquid extraction stage previously developed by the group. The system harnesses a number of open-source hardware and software technologies (including Raspberry-Pi, Python, PySerial, OpenCV).

The project team included Lisette Konings (an undergraduate Erasmus+ exchange student from Avans University of Applied Science in the Netherlands) and Matt Martin and Jordan Heap (both Keele undergraduates in the inaugural 4th year of the new MChem programme).