UK Automated Synthesis Forum (UKASF)

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Posted on 10 November 2017
Dr Matt O'Brien from the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences presented a lecture at the 2017 UK Automated Synthesis Forum (UKASF). This year's meeting was hosted by Festo UK in their Applied Automation Centre in Northampton (7th-8th November, 2017). 
Focussing on the use of open-source hardware and software technologies in the development of low-cost automated synthesis platforms, Matt highlighted some of the recent work carried out by his team in the Lennard-Jones building. 
Speakers from both academia and industry covered a broad range of themes falling under the umbrella of automated synthesis, including: metabolite screening, automated workup/downstream processing, flash vacuum pyrolysis, flow chemistry, closed loop optimisation, 3D printing, and emerging technologies​.