Welcome to Chemistry at Keele

student and laser Chemistry forms part of the School of Chemical and Physical SCiences and is based in the Lennard-Jones Laboratories the heart of one of the most attractive campus universities in Britain.

Chemistry at Keele has an excellent reputation for innovative developments in teaching and learning and for its contribution to the public understanding of science. This is reflected in the number of awards staff in Chemistry have received in recognition of excellence in these fields, peer-reviewed publications in chemistry education journals and the high proportion of staff who have obtained a professional qualification for teaching and learning in Higher Education.

We offer BSc Dual Honours, Major/Minor and Single Honours courses in Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry and contribute to a diverse range of other degree programmes (Applied Environmental Science, Forensic science, and Pharmacy).

students with equipment Our BSc Single Honours and Major/Minor courses in Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Since 2006 we have appointed 6 new academic staff in response to a substantial increase in recruitment onto our BSc Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry programmes, and have invested over £3 million in laboratory refurbishment, instrumentation and equipment.

In addition to providing excellent undergraduate teaching facilities and a vibrant research environment, you will find that our courses are challenging and carefully designed to develop students’ subject specific and transferable skills through the use of a diverse range of assessment methods with timely and effective feedback.

You will gain hands-on experience with modern state-of the art equipment and instrumentation and you will find the academic staff to be approachable and enthusiastic with a genuine interest in the welfare of students and a commitment to high quality teaching at all levels.